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(Traditional) Team building doesn’t improve work

  • By Playlor

The Guardian published an article (link) recently about how a survey they did on 1,000 employees in the UK. The results of their survey states that traditional team building activities such as those offering adrenaline experiences or performing ‘trust’ exercises can be a waste of time, and at worst, are toe-curlingly embarrassing.

According to the survey, adrenaline experiences like speed-boating and bungee jumping are considered the least effective team-building activities, followed by trust exercises such as being blindfolded and led by colleagues.

Not all is lost for companies who still believe in team building activities though – as long as you pick the correct activities! Surveyed employes feel the most effective team building events are social events like going out for a drink or a meal, followed by volunteering and charity work.

If you are a HR specialist or business owner, pick your team building activities properly! Sometimes, going down the “traditional route” will end up wasting your company time, and precious money!

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