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6 Ways Successful Teams Are Built To Last

  • By Playlor

Building companies requires the know-how to build long-lasting teams. This is why most managers never become leaders and why most leaders never reach the highest pinnacle of leadership success. It requires the ability to master the “art of people” and knowing how to maneuver hundreds (if not thousands) of people at the right place and at the right time. It means knowing how each person thinks and how to best utilize their competencies rightly at all times. It’s playing a continuous chess match – knowing that every wrong move that is made can cost the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars (just ask BP and Enron).

1. Be Aware of How You Work

2. Get to Know the Rest of the Team

3. Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

4. Be Proactive with Feedback

5. Acknowledge and Reward

6. Always Celebrate Success

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Social Floorball Event

  • By Playlor


At Playlor! Arena, we have the facility for you to enjoy a social floorball bonding session with your friends and buddies. Our indoor multi-purpose court allows for a variety of games and floorball is well suited for the venue. Floorball is a fast growing sport that is easy to pick up.

Simply book the court, grab a stick, invite some friends and you’re good to go to engage in a fun game of floorball. Visit our booking page to book the court today.



Teamwork in action

  • By Playlor


Having conducted team building activities for various companies and organisations, we have seen how colleagues and the participants bond and support one another through the event. In one of our recent event, participants have to go through a series of challenges and what’s heart-warming is to see their fellow colleagues cheering and encouraging them as they go through the challenges.

This mutual support and encouragement is definitely one of the key takeaway for our events. In fact, the purpose of organising a team-building event is so that people can bond with one another and get to know each other better.

If you share the same desire today for your company, do get into contact with us for your next team-building event.



Corporate Sports

  • By Playlor

Businessmen Jumping Over Hurdles

Sport is a word that invokes connotations of exercise, passion, commitment, involvement, and competitiveness.

As an organisation, you probably realise and understand the importance and benefits of playing sports. Setting aside all the obvious health benefits, sports allow colleagues and employees to mingle around and interact with one another in a different setting.

More than that, sports often bring out the good in the human spirit. Supporting, cheering and encouraging one another during a sports event is often a heart-warming sight. We, at Playlor!, have been at the forefront of witnessing such elements of the human spirit.

Furthermore, with the Health Promotion Board Workplace Health Promotion Grant, there’s greater incentive for your company to engage in sports for your staff today. Contact us today to speak with someone about this.



Running man at Marina Bay Sands – An exciting team-building event

  • By Playlor

running man

Recently, we organised a Running Man event at Marina Bay Sands for one of our clients. They came to us with a simple request of organising a teambuilding event in Singapore. After discussing with them regarding their requests and needs, we suggested the idea of Running Man, which they were quite keen on.

Adrenaline, Action and Excitement – these are the elements found in the activity that we conducted for them. The beauty of this activity is that it can be held anywhere and we had this at MBS. It was a new and refreshing location for this activity and as can be seen from the picture above, they definitely enjoyed themselves.

So if you’re seeking a thrilling teambuilding event to be held locally, why not contact us and allow us to work something out for your organisation?



Break fast with Playlor

  • By Playlor


We have good news for all our fasting friends during the month ahead. We would like to invite all our Muslim friends to break fast at Playlor! Snacks and drinks will be provided for all regular court bookings from our Muslim friends. It’s our way of saying that we care and we’re here.

Also, air con will be available from 6pm till late during 8 to 14 July 2013. Best of all, the additional air con charges are waived so head on down for a game of futsal with your kakis.

Playlor is Singapore’s only air-conditioned futsal  court. Visit our booking page to place your booking now!



Playlor! Hidden Fortress

  • By Playlor

Sentosa is one of Singapore’s best island escape. Soak in the sights and sounds, the sun, sand and sea on this lovely island. Sentosa would be a fantastic place to host your next team-building event and we have the right activity for it. Introducing Playlor! Hidden Fortress where you discover Sentosa’s history by solving puzzles on the run and completing challenges along the way.

Head over to Singapore’s favourite island for your team-building adventure today!

Contact us for a discussion about your next team-building event.



Playlor! Running Man

  • By Playlor

running man


Running Man – a hugely popular Korean game show that mixes fun, thrill and strategy. At Playlor!, we adapt this popular game show to allow fans of the show to experience the same fun and thrills of the show. Experience the adrenaline rush of running around and make use of strategy to solve certain tasks. This is definitely a thrilling challenge and promises to be fun for everyone in the team.

Teams need to demonstrate teamwork, communication and the right allocation of manpower in order to achieve success in this challenge. This is a exhilarating team building activity. It can take place anywhere in Singapore and that’s the beauty of this activity.

Contact us for your running man adventure today!



Playlor! Back to the Future

  • By Playlor


“The good old days. Oh how I miss those times.”

Playlor! Back to the Future is created to enable teams will work together to get to different places to complete tasks that resembles old time favourite activities such as kite making and painting. Take a time machine back into time and experience these childhood favourites with your friends and colleagues.

Through this challenge, teams will have to demonstrate teamwork, coordination and communication in order to win the challenge. This is definitely a great way for teams, companies and organizations to experience team-bonding.

Contact us today to go back into time.



Playlor! Quidditch

  • By Playlor


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Team-building day and activities should be fun. It should be a time when you can let your hair down, enjoy yourself and bond with your colleagues.

We are the first to bring this fantasy realization of Harry Potter’s childhood game to Singapore. Enter the magical work of Harry and his friends and let fly on this wonderful game of Quidditch today! This game includes all the different aspects of team building such as communication, working together, strategizing and resource allocation.

Contact us today to escape into the magical world of Harry Potter.