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About Playlor!

Playlor! is a leader in organising objective and fun team building activities through sport and challenges.

Playlor! – Made in Singapore

Playlor! is a one stop shop for organisations and companies looking for a fun indoor and outdoor team bonding experience for their employees. Study after study show that promoting a healthy lifestyle among your employees leads greater productivity.

With a huge portfolio of corporate programmes, Playlor! can guarantee you a solution which will be both fun and rewarding for your staff. Our corporate packages take the pain out of organising your work related social benefits – by providing the platform and the space for corporate bonding exercises and a team of experts to organise and run your activities!

Playlor!® is a trademark of Playlor Pte Ltd, registered in the Republic of Singapore.

Health & Social Benefits

We don’t have to sell to you the benefits that playing sport has on the human body, but what might be less obvious are the business benefits of a fitter workforce, something which Playlor! can help you develop though our corporate sports packages.

Research has shown that for every dollar spent by businesses on improving the health of their employees, there is a return of up to six dollars. Studies have also consistently shown that employees who play sports regularly take fewer sick days in the course of the year. Not only that, they remain amongst the most productive. Sport is also a fantastic way of building self esteem, self confidence, team-working skills and discipline and focus. All things which will help your business and is an extremely fun form of team building.

Felix Sim: Founder & CEO

Playlor! was founded by Felix Sim, a Singaporean entrepreneur who wanted to revolutionise the way companies engage their employees. Having spent 4 years in Dubai, a multi-cultural city like Singapore, Felix observed that the language of “FUN” was one that could break down all barriers and also an effective tool for building teamwork and camaraderie. Supported by partners from Singapore, the UK and the Middle East, Felix left Dubai for his home country in September 2011 to set up Playlor! in Singapore.

Felix graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance (Hons) from University College Dublin. He also received a Diploma in Wealth Management accredited by the American Academy of Financial Management, and a Diploma in Business and Information Technology from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore.

Learn more about Felix’s background by clicking here.